Products and Services

The major advantage that the ODOUR STOP™ cover system provides over its competitors is flexibility. The system is available as a totally integrated system that includes the waterproof/breathable fabric covers, an aeration and blower system, temperature/oxygen sensor probes, mobile cover winder system and a computer software operating system. Any of the system's components are also available to be purchased separately, including the fabric covers. You can purchase all of the system components or any of the separate components.

In-Vessel System
The ODOUR STOP™ in-vessel aerated static pile (IASP) system provides an affordable solution to control odor nuisances and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at composting facilities. Other in-vessel systems require buildings and expensive air emission control systems to provide the same benefits as the ODOUR STOP™ IASP system. The system allows an existing compost facility to convert to an in-vessel system without the high cost of an in- building facility. For most composting facilities the high cost of other in-vessel systems would not be affordable

Odor Control
Many municipalities are now co-mingling organic recyclables in curbside collection programs. Food waste is being collected along with yardwaste in order to increase recycling. Many compost facilities are either not permitted to accept food waste or the odor potential from the food waste would not allow the facility to operate without a significant increase in odors. The ODOUR STOP™ system provides the necessary odor controls for composting facilities to manage odorous materials and operate in urban areas nearer the source of organic materials.

Economical Solution
The ODOUR STOP™ system provides an economical solution to significantly reduce odors when composting materials such as food waste and biosolids. Design and Engineering We can provide consulting services to design new composting facilities or convert existing open windrow facilities to in-vessel aerated static pile (IASP) systems. Engineering services and system components are available separately.

  ODOUR STOP™ Competitor
Waterproof and breathable fabric Yes Yes
Membrane type ePTFE ePTFE
Exterior cover material Polyester Polyester
Cover Guarantee 5 years 4 years
Made in USA Yes No
Cover sold separately Yes No
Facility design capability Yes  Yes
Software program available Yes  Yes
Training available Yes  Yes
Product marketing consulting available Yes  No
Cover winder system available Yes  Yes
Aeration system available Yes  Yes
System components available separately Yes  No