In-Vessel Compost Cover Advantages

Advantages of ODOUR STOPTM cover system:

Provides control of odors, airborne pathogens and particulate. Allows positive aeration which reduces aeration energy costs by approximately 25%. Eliminates the need for biofilters. Maintains optimum temperature and moisture in compost pile for uniform stabilization of volatile organic compounds and pathogen kill. Insulates pile and retains pile temperature when ambient temperatures are low. Significantly reduces moisture loss in piles from wind. Significantly reduces contaminated runoff from the composting site due to waterproof cover material. Shortens composting time by at least ten days. Eliminates the need to compost in a building in order to meet air quality regulations or can prevent site closure due to odor complaints. The cover system provides an economical solution to odor control, and particulate and VOC restrictions.

Who should consider the ODOUR STOPTM cover system?

Facilities that are experiencing odor complaints. Facilities that have limited water supplies. Facilities that are facing air quality regulations related to airborne particulates and VOCs. Facilities that are concerned with airborne pathogens and/or contaminants. Facilities that are considering converting from open windrow composting to an ASP system. The cover system is designed to enhance the compost process while providing significant odor-reducing capabilities. The fabric is manufactured in the US, and backed by a five-year warranty. The cover fabric is sold separately or in combination with an integrated system of blowers, oxygen/ temperature probes, and a computer control software program. Advantages of ODOUR STOPTM cover system: Who should consider the ODOUR STOPTM cover system?