Enhance Your
Compost & Reduce Odor with Odour Stop®

Proudly Made in the USA 

Made in America

The ODOUR STOP® compost cover system is manufactured in the U.S. using only top quality materials.

Integrated 3 Layer System

The ODOUR STOP® cover system consists of three-layers. The two
outside layers of the system are tough polyester fabrics that protect the inner layer (waterproof breathable membrane).

Reduce Emissions

The ODOUR STOP® cover material is designed allow compost facilities to operate with significantly reduced odor generation and may allow it to meet new stringent air emission restrictions.

Meet stringent air emission restrictions with a completely integrated system

The ODOUR STOP®  in-vessel aerated static pile (IASP) system is a proven composting technology capable of meeting pathogen reduction requirements, while providing significant odor and VOC reduction. The system is available as a totally integrated system that includes the waterproof/breathable fabric covers, an aeration and blower system, temperature/oxygen sensor probes, mobile cover winder system and a computer software operating system.


Who should consider the
ODOUR STOP® cover system?

Facilities that are experiencing odor
Facilities that have limited water supplies.
Facilities that are facing air quality
regulations related to airborne particulates and VOCs.
Facilities that are concerned with airborne pathogens and/or contaminants.

     What We Offer

Design & Engineering

We can provide consulting services to design new composting facilities or convert existing open windrow facilities

Odor Control

Provides the necessary odor controls for composting facilities to manage odorous materials and operate in urban areas

In-Vessel System

Affordable solution to control odor nuisances and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)


The system is available as a totally integrated system.

About Us

Odour Stop compost covers were developed to provide a cost-effective solution to reduce composting-related odors and air emissions.  Our compost covers are made with high quality materials and professional workmanship.  We offer extremely competitive pricing as compared to competitors’ prices for ePTFE micro-porous fabric covers. Due to our confidence in the materials and workmanship of our product, we offer a five-year limited warranty on the membrane and fabric.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Odour Stop system, need additional information, want to discuss a project, or need a quote for a specific project please contact us as follows:

Phone: 925.628.4526 mikeharding@sbcglobal.net